About Me 


I am a dedicated and enthusiastic professional with extensive experience and training within an administrative and training environment.  I possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate concisely and articulately at all levels.  I am able to work well on own initiative whilst demonstrating the organisation and prioritisation required to achieve deadlines and objectives.  I also enjoy being part of a successful and productive team and thrive in highly pressurised and challenging working environments.

With over 38 years of administrative experience I am now setting out on my own to offer an ad-hoc administrative service that I know so many small and newly set up businesses need.

Small and newly started businesses do not always need a full or even part-time administrator but on occassion need somebody to help them catch up with their work load such as:

  • Sending out Quotations promised to customers and essential for future business

  • Sending out Invoices which you have just not had the time to write

  • Filing that ever important contract where it can be found

  • Answering that phone that just keeps ringing whilst your up a ladder!

  • Put those receipts into some kind of book keeping format suitable for an accountant

  • Mail out time but no time to design the leaflet, select who to send it to and in what format


What am I offering?

I will provide you with an hourly rate service with no additional costs.

If I work from my own office then there will purely be an hourly rate based on how long it takes me to undertake your requested work based on discussion with yourselves.

I will charge for any printing and postage that is required but this will be discussed at initial meeting.

If I work from your office then I will charge an hourly rate plus mileage to and from my office to yours.

THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES such as registration fees or end of term fees